7 steps to planning a successful customer event

Planning a successful customer event requires careful organization and attention to detail. Whether it’s a conference, a luncheon or a gala evening, every step of the planning process plays a crucial role in creating a memorable experience for your customers. In this article, we reveal the 7 essential steps to planning a successful customer event. […]

Organizing an environmentally-friendly event: 6 best practices

Whether you’re organizing a corporate seminar, a customer event or a launch party, it’s now crucial to consider the environmental impact of your event. Consumers have changed their consumption habits, and are now very demanding when it comes to ecology, local and natural products, and so on. So it’s becoming increasingly important to make environmentally-friendly […]

Meet the DNA of your events: our animators

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At your customer and employee events, there’s one key element that defines the very essence of the event: the entertainers. They are the ones who turn your events into memorable experiences and create a convivial atmosphere for your guests. They are the DNA of your events. They represent the spirit you want to convey on […]

5 reasons why organizing a customer event can boost your business

Whether you’re a local business or a large international corporation, a customer event is undoubtedly a great way to build customer loyalty while reinforcing your brand image. Discover five main reasons why organizing a customer event will help you boost your business. 1- Create lasting relationships with your customers A customer event is a unique […]

5 steps to prepare your back to school event

The summer season has started and your teams will start to leave the office for their vacations. And for you, it’s time to prepare your back-to-school event: an excellent opportunity to gather your teams in September in order to start again on a good basis and in a good mood. You can also choose to […]

5 ideas to gather your teams in the open air when the weather is fine

With the warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to start planning outdoor activities for your team. If you’re a team leader, you know how important it is to strengthen the cohesion of your group. Organizing outdoor activities is a great way to do this. And it also allows your employees to relax and […]


Contact Invino Event Bordeaux Toulouse Paris

April 1, 2023: 18 years of discovery, pleasure, sharing and conviviality have come to an end. We are proud and happy to have been able to live all these events with you, our clients and partners. Since the creation of Invino Event in 2005, we have always had at heart to put our expertise at […]

6 tips to improve internal communication and strengthen team cohesion

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Most people work in teams at some point in their career. It’s a given that your teams need cohesion in the workplace to function efficiently, productively and successfully achieve their goals. There are several best practices that promote team cohesion, including ensuring that your employees or collaborators […]


A place where one feels good… a moment of conviviality… a refined cuisine… this is the evening that our clients and partners had the opportunity to experience a few days ago. A PLACE WHERE YOU FEEL GOOD Imagine a sumptuous setting in Bordeaux: Autre Ambiance, guests welcomed little by little around a glass of Champagne. […]