Questions about wine animations, both face-to-face
and virtual

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Our wine events

The duration of an animation depends on the one you choose.

Our animations are designed to create a real interaction with the participants.

Allow at least 1 hour for your guests to enjoy it.

On the other hand, we recommend that you do not exceed two hours to avoid it being too long, especially for virtual animations that can take place after a day of teleworking and videoconferencing.

As the blending animation is a full-fledged activity and a team wine creation generally carried out on a seminar afternoon, it lasts from 1h30 to 3h.

Our team can carry out all our animations in 4 languages: French, English, German and Spanish.

Indeed, in addition to their various oenological training courses, our facilitators are bilingual or trilingual and can lead and discuss with your participants naturally in these 4 languages.

Invino Event works with a team of 20 animators with various oenological backgrounds. Some are bilingual, others trilingual.

Invino Event works with a team of 20 animators with various oenological backgrounds. Some are bilingual, others trilingual.

Oenology is often considered to be very formal, but our instructors make it entertaining, friendly and interactive.

No matter which animation you choose, fun learning will take place.

Guests can take part in the activities regardless of their level of knowledge of wine, as our animators are there to guide the participants and adapt to their level.

The goal of our animations is to make discover the world of wine, its secrets, stories and anecdotes in a playful and interactive way. We offer an entertaining moment open to all.

Are your guests wine professionals? Our team can also adapt to them.

Of course! And if there is any constraint, we will adapt to your request and expectations. For those who don’t drink alcohol, don’t forget that Invino Event offers oenological and gastronomic events! Some of our events can be adapted toother themes (chocolate or cheese for example).

And we always have high quality grape juice from different varieties in stock.

We are wine professionals, are your events suitable for connoisseurs?

As said before, our animations are accessible to all and our animators come from oenological training.

So, whether you are a novice or a professional, they will adapt to you and deliver a show that matches your knowledge and your desires.

our animations are also accessible to people who do not drink alcohol or wine (examples: grape juice, cheese and chocolates).

4 languages
Fr / GB / De / ES

11 Animations

- of 24h
for a response

up to 2000
people depending on the event

In-person wine events

Are you planning to organise a wine event for your clients or employees? Find the answers to your questions and details of our face-to-face wine events.

Practical information on our wine events

Our wine events are adapted to your event. Each one begins with a word of welcome and then gives way to conviviality, discovery and exchanges. Your guests are the actors of this moment and at the heart of our animation.

We are able to organise events for groups ranging from 5 to 2,000 people for a wine casino for example.

When we get in touch with you and work out your project, we will discuss it so that we can adapt the animation to your event as best as possible and fulfil your wishes as fully as possible.

We go where you need us! We work like a caterer, for example, and come to your event location. However, we have a good knowledge of the different rooms and venues and can advise you on the ideal place to hold your event.

Details of animations

We are able to offer you wines from Bordeaux, the South West, France and the World.

Our team selects for you the best wines in line with your wishes and your event.

Would you like organic wines? That is also possible.

Yes, we do. We always offer a selection of wines to make it more convenient for our customers.

Are you a wine professional? We can help you to promote your wines to your customers and colleagues.

Additional information

The earlier you book your event, the better!

In all cases we know how to be reactive and respond favourably to our clients’ requests.

Would you like to do a scouting for your future event? Contact us to schedule it together.

Remote wine animation

Invino Event explores the details and important information of remote wine events.

Practical information

On the day of the event, your facilitator logs in 15 minutes before the participants’ arrival time. This time allows you to make a final point together on the animation that will follow.

The facilitator waits a few minutes after the start time for all participants to log in before starting.

The number of participants for a virtual animation can be up to 30 people maximum in the same session. We want your participants to have a real and entertaining experience, not just a webinar.

For this reason, we limit the number of participants per facilitator in the same session to 30 people.

Of course, you can organise an event with more participants, who will be divided into several sessions that are held simultaneously.

On the same schedule, we can offer you 5 sessions simultaneously, i.e. 150 participants and 5 animators.

We offer you to carry out the animation on ZOOM. We create a meeting link and send it to you by email so that you can forward it to the participants.

If you are using a meeting software, such as TEAMS or GoogleMeet for example, and would like to facilitate the meeting on it, this is perfectly possible. We will just ask you to create the meeting link and email it to us so that your facilitator can log in on the day.

Our animators have many years of experience in entertaining wine events. They make sure that despite the screen, the animation is as interactive and friendly as possible.

We advise all participants to activate the “gallery” mode so that they can see and interact with each other and the facilitator.

In addition, following the testimonies of our customers and the feedback of our animators, it appears that the screen is quickly forgotten.

Details of animations

We have selected for you a number of top-of-the-range and renowned wine references. Here are some examples:

  • Saint Émilion Grand Cru
  • Chablis 1er Cru
  • Châteauneuf du Pape
  • Jurançon
  • Cahors
  • Crozes Hermitage

Contact us to discuss this.

Each wine reference is sent in a 10cl bottle. This represents 2 good glasses of wine and is more than enough for a nice discovery.

You can. However, as mentioned above, we send bottles of wine. Therefore, not all wine references are available in this format and we cannot guarantee that the reference you want will be in stock at the time you want it.

This is why we have developed a selection of wines that we always have in stock to avoid additional delays.

Yes, that’s right. Many customers have chosen to add additional products to their tasting boxes, such as organic crackers, terrines and fish rillettes.

Additional information

To ensure the success of your virtual wine event, we have set up a process that makes it easier for you to organise this tasting.

We need the participants’ details in order to send them their tasting box by courier.
Therefore, we request the name, first name, postal address, email address and telephone number of each participant via a Google Forms.

Via Google Forms, each participant is informed of the purpose of the data collection and agrees to the use of their data for the delivery of the tasting box.
The personal data we collect is used only for the purpose of issuing the delivery notes and is deleted once the package has arrived at its destination.
It is not kept or used for any other purpose.

Once you have signed the quote, we have put in place a whole service and follow-up to ensure that your experience runs smoothly.
• We send you an email with a registration link which you forward to the participants so that we can collect their contact details to send them the packages.
• We send you a letter to enclose with the packages, which you can adapt to your wishes
• We send the packages and follow each shipment until it is delivered.
• We create the link for the ZOOM meeting and send it to you OR you send us a link that you have created in your video conferencing software.
• On the day of the meeting, your facilitator logs in 15 minutes beforehand to do a final check-up and make sure everything is working well.

We deliver in France and throughout Europe. For countries such as Switzerland, the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom, each case is different. We will establish together what is best for your project.

You can pay by bank transfer or cheque.
Would you like to pay by credit card? We can send you a Paypal link.

Once the parcels have been sent, we will send you a table with the first and last names of your participants and the shipment number of each parcel.
You can then follow the deliveries and transmit them to the participants so that they can check the follow-up of their package.
At the same time, each participant is notified by e-mail when a shipment is created for him/her.
In addition, we track each shipment and ensure that it is delivered correctly on a regular basis until it is delivered.

Simple logistics to make your life easier during your remote events

Signature of the quotation

Collection of participants' addresses

Shipment of parcels

Your animation