5 steps to prepare your back to school event

The summer season has started and your teams will start to leave the office for their vacations. And for you, it’s time to prepare your back-to-school event: an excellent opportunity to gather your teams in September in order to start again on a good basis and in a good mood. You can also choose to make an event for your customers, to thank them and engage the continuation of your business relationship.

In this article you will find five key steps to help you prepare your back to school event and ensure its success.

1- Set a date and a place

The first crucial step in preparing for your back-to-school event is determining the date and location. Choose a date that fits your company’s schedule, your attendees’ return from vacation and/or a date that is convenient for your customers. Make sure the location is easily accessed by everyone and fits the mood you want to set for your event. Tip: If you are planning an outdoor event, be sure to have a plan B in case of inclement weather.

2- Establish the list of your participants and send the invitations

Next, make a list of your participants and send them the invitations. If you are organizing an event for your clients, send the invitations at least one month in advance so that they can make the best arrangements. For example, you can send them a personalized e-mail or letter with your Save The Date on it. If you are organizing an event for your employees, two to three weeks in advance should be enough. This may seem trivial, but to ensure that you get the most positive responses, it’s best to do it well in advance.

Also remember to include all relevant information in the invitation: location, date, time, dress code if any, agenda and details of planned activities. Also, ask guests to confirm their presence before a date you define in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

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3- Choose your caterer

Choosing a caterer is an important step in making your back-to-school event a success. Choose a reputable and experienced caterer that offers a variety of dishes to suit the tastes of all your guests. Also check that the caterer can work at the venue you have chosen and is available at the date and time of your event.

If your event includes catering, it is important to consider your guests’ dietary restrictions, such as allergies and special diets. So consider asking them, for example in the form of a form with various questions. Aside from allergies, also check that the caterer you would like can offer vegetarian and gluten-free options if necessary.

4- Create a festive atmosphere with one or more activities

Creating a festive atmosphere is essential for a successful event. It will allow you to make the moment unforgettable and to mark the spirits of your guests. Plan activities and animations to entertain your guests and make them live a moment of cohesion. Bring conviviality and originality to your back-to-school event by proposing a Wine Casino for example.

Let your guests discover the world of wine in a fun, interactive and educational way. All this in the form of games and anecdotes, your guests are immersed in the atmosphere of a casino but… of a special kind: from table to table and from conviviality to laughter, your participants play with their senses, taste wines, smell aromas, discover appellations and create memories.

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5- Hire a photographer to extend the moment

Finally, you can add a professional photographer to your event to capture the best moments of your back to school event. The photos can be used for the future promotion of your company, but also simply for the memory of the event. Your employees and/or customers will be able to relive the evening and remember the strong moments that will mark their minds for a long time. To be sure to get the pictures you are looking for, ask the photographer the type of pictures you are imagining. For example, group and individual photos, photos of the general atmosphere of the event, of the people in particular, of the decoration, of the dishes…

You now have all the keys to organize your back-to-school event for your clients and/or your teams. Contact us to organize together a fun event around wine and create memorable memories in the minds of your guests.

You will make a sens…ation !

You will make sense…ation!