In this month of December, Christmas lights fill our streets, beautiful colors adorn our living rooms, and pretty numbers sparkle before our eyes. We’re not going to talk about sales figures, but rather share with you some virtual data… that are in fact quite real.

This year, we’ve adapted: it’s time for remote events

94%. This is the share of digital in our turnover since March 2020. It must be said that at the beginning of this particular period, Invino Event’s teams are struggling to meet the new needs of our customers and help them on the one hand to maintain the link with their customers and on the other hand to preserve the cohesion between their collaborators by proposing new innovative remote services.

One fine day last March, an idea was born: the Virtual Tasting Workshop. First tests with partners and loyal customers… and the concept was refined and validated! Between June and December, more than 680 participants took part in the game of conviviality, discovery and wine tasting behind their screens, for a total of more than 2,300 minutes of exchanges, laughter and sharing.

This year, we moved forward: priority to good ideas!

30. That’s the number of Virtual Tasting Workshops organized since June for companies, including 20 in December alone. In French, English, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, because conviviality and exchanges have no limits!

We talked about it last month: resilience is the art of navigating between torrents. At Invino Event, we have chosen to move forward positively. Whether it’s through our ability to reinvent ourselves, keeping in touch with our clients and partners, by phone, email or via our social networks, we have always been there. Who would have thought that Oliver would pass the torch to Khadija in such a context? And who would have wanted to turn this context into an opportunity?

Finally, we did it and by reading the testimonies and the satisfaction of our customers we are convinced that we did well!

To do so, we needed a united team and open-minded customers. Many of you – more and more of you – are asking for our help to transpose your corporate events into virtual reality, to entrust us with your employees for a digital team building that meets your expectations.

So THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts! For you, your customers and your employees, we continue to innovate, so see you in 2021, we already have a lot of ideas.

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