The news came: about two weeks ago, we learned that we would be confined again. This immediately brought to mind a quote by Boris Cyrulnik : Resilience is the art of navigating between torrents”, in other words, an individual’s ability to cope with a difficult situation… which lasts, if we take the example of the situation we have been experiencing for months.

Shortly before President Macron’s announcements, I had closed the pages of my last reading: “As thin as the slice is, it always has two sides“, a book by Jean-Philippe Ackermann, optimist speaker and delegate of the League of Optimists of France. It is an inspiring testimony, full of positive examples, which makes you want to take your life in hand.

Take your life in hand. A precept that I apply to my Invino Event adventure, especially since I took over the management last March in unprecedented conditions. To be honest, I can’t even imagine Invino stopping one day. It was the “baby” of Oliver, its founder, I adopted it and I won’t let it go. From my last reading, I remember one sentence in particular:

“To those who ask me the question, “How can I be happy with all that is going on in the world?”, I answer, “Does the fact that you are unhappy make the world happier?”

No, of course not. On the other hand, the opposite is true: optimism is contagious. It’s what drives me and helps me to move forward, to live day by day, to find solutions. To keep Invino Event moving forward. To help clients looking for new event formulas. So that one morning, things will finally get better! That’s also what entrepreneurship is all about. Crisis or not, we must not forget ourselves: I remain who I am, and as a good professional, I do not sell off the prices of my services, nor their quality. I look for new solutions.

Resilience is based on strong pillars, some of which I recognize myself in:

  • Actions speak louder than words: I always do what I say, I keep my promises and I value loyalty very much. In this respect, I am happy to have succeeded, since the beginning of the school year, in making my team, which has been loyal for so many years, work. I am also proud to have given a chance to Julie, my apprentice, who is full of ideas and desires.
  • It is necessary to prepare its future : Today, I am giving myself the means to move Invino forward in the midst of all these torrents, I am training, I am being coached, I am working on my communication… in anticipation of better days – and they will come, for sure!
  • You have to know how to congratulate yourself on your victories: there is one that I owe to my intuition, the creation of the Virtual Tasting Workshop in March. Today, it is an oenoludic animation that has proven itself. It has already been acclaimed by more than 300 participants who, all happy to meet around a remote wine tasting, forget that they are behind a screen.
Navigue entre les torrents Invino Event
Element graphique carré or Invino Event
Invino Event navigue entre les torrents
Element graphique carré or Invino Event

Invino Event is all this: an incredible team and a good dose of conviviality during each animation. We accompany our clients and we have a strong motivation to carry out our services. Authenticity preserved, even as the event industry enters a new era!

No matter how thin the slice, it always has two sides.
It’s up to us to choose the one that makes us happy and pushes us forward.

Khadija Ben Ammar, director of Invino Event.