It’s official! At the end of March, Oliver, Invino Event’s founder and director, handed over the reins to Khadija, his right-hand man for 13 years.
A project they had been working on for over a year. An outstanding entertainer, he will nevertheless remain in the spotlight during certain events, to the great pleasure of our clients who have known him for a long time. In 2020, we are blowing out our 15th candle with a wind of change. The Covid crisis has shaken up our event industry. It has also put its grain of salt in the process of awarding Invino Event, but far from having knocked us out, it shows us that there are lows … and especially highs!

“Khadija has always acted within the company as if it were her own. She knows the company from A to Z and has been managing its day-to-day operations and business development for 13 years. All we did was formalize an organization that was already in place. As for me, I will be able to devote myself to what I like most: animations”. While continuing the Invino Event adventure, Oliver has gladly handed over the keys of the company he founded in 2005 to Khadija, knowing that it is in good hands.


For her part, the new manager of the structure retraces the path taken. “Oliver was looking for a management assistant who spoke German. As I had the profile and the feeling was right, I launched myself into the world of events. The young woman, who started in 2007 as a work-study student, took over the administrative management of the company a few years later, followed by its commercial development. “I was also in charge of preparing and producing the events. I was an animator for many years, covering all facets of the business, which has grown over time. Taking over the management of the company is only the logical continuation of my career with Oliver.”

With Khadija at the helm and Oliver as the leader of a team of animators trained in the company’s spirit, Invino Event has retained all its assets and a true leadership in its market. Inspired by new practices born of containment, the new manager also intends to continue the development of the company. “For this, I will rely on our ability to organize creative and interactive events for various audiences.

It’s clear that the human element has always been a major factor in the way we approach our events. With the current unprecedented situation, our strength is to offer more ‘intimate’ convivial and interactive animations, in small groups, to respond to the health issues of the moment. Or online workshops, in a formula that preserves the human aspect that is so dear to us”. The show goes on !

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