The most memorable corporate events are the result of creative approaches tailored to your company and your employees. They strengthen working relationships and create bonds outside the office environment. They can also be a great way to reward and motivate your teams. Want to plan an original and fun event that your staff and/or clients won’t be able to resist? Here are 7 ideas to animate your annual company party.


To boost your teams, motivate your employees, build customer loyalty and reinforce cohesion within your company… there is nothing like an annual company party!

Indeed, it is the ideal occasion to offer a real break to all the actors of the company, after a year of intense work.

Whatever the type of event: seminar, workshop… The goal is to bring you closer to your teams and your customers.

Throughout the evening, the group gets to know and understand each other better. It sometimes happens that some employees meet for the first time during these events.

To impress your guests, it is preferable to use the services of a specialist in corporate party entertainment, who will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

He will be able to propose games and activities to do as a team – for the greatest happiness of the participants. This is beneficial for :

  • – promote relationships between colleagues
  • – strengthen business
  • – disseminate and generate corporate content…

You want to make an impression by investing in a high quality event? Contact us!

For your event to be a real success, it is essential to orchestrate a corporate animation adapted to your image and values.


Discover now 7 ideas to animate your corporate event and make it a real success.


A cooking class is an ideal entertainment in the workplace, because it can involve your whole team and your customers.

For example, you can organize cooking classes online and send ingredient lists in advance.

Take your corporate event to the next level by having a celebrity chef or culinary personality come in and host it!

Activité Casino du Vin sur mesure Invino Event
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Good corporate events don’t have to be complicated. Virtual bingo is an immersive, hassle-free option that allows people to relax after work.

It’s also easy to set up and everyone is in the running to win prizes.

Typically, each guest has their own bingo sheet. And to further strengthen your company’s spirit of togetherness, you can divide employees into teams of two or three.


Interested in fun activities for your company?

Take advantage of the great outdoors, build relationships and entertain groups with a special scavenger hunt.

Match employees who don’t have the chance to work together on a daily basis to increase synergy within your company and give everyone name tags if people don’t know who’s who.

Scavenger hunts and innovative games for corporate events can also be virtual, think about it!


If dancing is on your list of corporate entertainment ideas, you’ll probably have a good time.

Silent discos are a fun and unique way to bring your teams together… Everyone wears headphones and can listen to a channel that matches their personal music taste.

Silent discos work equally well indoors or outdoors – if you need more space.

You can also be as creative as you like by theming your disco, whether it’s an elegant masquerade ball or a fun 90s party.


Encourage teamwork with a virtual custom quiz!

Attendees can form teams and discuss answers in small group chat rooms or can compete individually if they wish.

Add a modern twist to the proceedings by designing interactive slides and incorporating custom animations.

You can also combine your quiz with other corporate event ideas: magic, karaoke, tastings…


Adapting your event idea to the company itself is a great way to involve both your client, your team or your employees.

Imagine a themed craft workshop, where the final product must reflect a product or value of your company. Interesting, no?

Ceramic painting, notebook making and card design are just a few of the activities you could try.

Just be sure to provide the materials on the day or send a materials list in advance if you’re hosting the workshop online.


Are you looking for a fun and original animation for your annual company party?

How about organizing a wine workshop for your corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues, collaborators or clients?

With INVINO Event, you can be sure to organize an evening that meets your requirements – with a unique workshop led by a sommelier who :

  • – takes care to include everyone
  • – is external to your company
  • – knows the levers of a successful animation
  • – knows how to capture the attention and energize the troops (if necessary)…

Wine is universal and appeals to a large number of people. It is synonymous with conviviality and sharing. It’s the best way to share a relaxed and delicious moment – and to create memories!

And for those who don’t drink wine? No problem, everything is provided… Quality grape juices are offered to accompany your tasting – or even cheese or chocolate!


As you can see, there is a wide range of options for creative event ideas:

  • – interactive quizzes
  • – workshops
  • – tastings…

All of them work wonderfully to build team spirit and cohesion!

Many are also flexible, as they are adaptable to outdoor locations or can be done online.

What is clear is that unique events always appeal. To stand out from the crowd and create a truly memorable experience for your clients, collaborators or employees, be sure to think outside the box and surprise them.

Start planning your next annual corporate party and surprise your guests with a pure moment of fun and conviviality!

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The INVINO Event team.