The most memorable corporate events come from creative approaches adapted to your company and your employees. They are there to strengthen bonds and create a team spirit outside the work environment. These events can also be a good way to reward and motivate your teams. You would like to plan an original, interactive and fun animation that your staff and/or your customers would love? Here are 5 ideas for an original and successful corporate event!


In order to motivate your teams, build customer loyalty and reinforce cohesion within your company… There is nothing better than an original company party!

It’s the perfect opportunity to offer a nice breath of fresh air to all the actors of your company, after a good year of work…

Whatever the type of event: cocktail party, seminar, annual party, team building day… The objective is to bring you closer to your teams and your customers.

Throughout your event, the group interacts and gets to know each other better. It even happens that some people meet for the first time…

For an original and successful corporate party, it is generally advised to use the services of an expert in corporate party animation. It will accompany you from A to Z and will take care of offering you a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

He will be able to propose animations and workshops to be followed in team – in the joy and the good mood. This is very important for :

  • – create relationships between colleagues
  • – strengthen business relationships
  • – having a memorable experience with your customers and collaborators…

Do you want to make a lasting impression by investing in a high quality event? Contact our team now!

For your event to be a real success, it is crucial to organize a creative corporate party that reflects YOUR image.



A scavenger hunt is an easy way to get everyone competing or working together if you decide to form teams.

To really make it a festive entertainment idea, up the ante by offering a gift to the winner!

Why is this a good idea?

Scavenger hunts are the kind of activity we’ve all been doing since we were kids… And we know this idea still appeals as adults.

Organize your own treasure hunt or let the treasure professionals help you.

Plus, these scavenger hunt ideas can be customized with location, theme, type of business event and more… for a great corporate party experience.

weincasino jetons Invino Event animation
Element graphique rectangle dorée Invino Event


Whether you have a pandemic that separates your team or your business requires your team to be spread out across the globe…

Hosting a virtual corporate event is a great way to get everyone together (even if it’s to celebrate behind a screen on Zoom!).

Who says that dancing, gaming, partying like it’s 1999 and drinking wine can only be done in person?

With a virtual corporate event, colleagues can get to know each other in a different way…

Host your own original virtual company party via your favorite online conferencing service or select an interactive host to guide you through virtual games such as :

  • – Escape Game
  • InVine Escape Online (an Escape Game around wine)
  • – Guided tour of the museum
  • – Virtual Tasting Workshop

There is no shortage of virtual entertainment ideas, so take the time to plan a memorable virtual evening for your employees.


Looking for a team building activity?

An Escape Game is a fun and exciting challenge designed to get the bright minds of your teams to work together to solve it!

Why is it a fun group game?

These virtual (or in-person) activities will stimulate both :

  • la communication
  • – communication
  • – and excitement (adrenaline guaranteed!)

Whether you choose to simulate an escape from a bank robbery, a spaceship or a giant maze, there is an Escape Game for YOU!

Start your own adventure and leave before it’s too late…

Most of these Escape Games come with a variety of options to expand your imagination and mind, as well as those of your team.


Want to take selfies?

Photo booths are a hit at corporate events because they fit in perfectly with the philosophy of our time.

These days, there’s no shame in getting out the selfie stick, so there’s nothing stopping you and your group from capturing a memory via a photo booth.


Looking for a corporate event that’s off the beaten path?

Something that your colleagues will remember for years to come because of its unique nature?

You might consider organizing a wine event that your colleagues have never attended before.

This is a refreshing and gourmet way to bond your team!

Wine is universal and is synonymous with conviviality and sharing.

It is in a way THE sure value to share a moment as relaxed as delicious…

Discover now our Wine Casino – a playful animation that challenges your senses!

Activité Casino du Vin sur mesure Invino Event
Element graphique carré or Invino Event


It’s no secret that organizing a corporate event is an art form.

If done correctly, employee retention, satisfaction and a number of other workplace factors will improve…

In some companies, employees wait patiently throughout the year for their annual company party.

Games, activities and corporate party ideas are essential for workplace celebrations.

A successful and effective event offers employees and staff the opportunity to connect on a personal level while participating in fun work group activities.

Whether it’s a going away party, employee appreciation day or a Christmas party… these event ideas will ensure a great time.

As you can see, there is a wide range of creative event ideas to choose from and all of them work very well to bond, build team spirit and make a lasting impression.

One thing is for sure, original and unique corporate parties are always a hit – no matter what the theme!

To stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable experience for your employees, clients or collaborators, think about surprising them… Contact our Invino Event team now – you’ll make sense!

The INVINO Event team.