It didn’t take long for this virus to erase all events from our agendas for the coming months. Our sector has taken a blow – even many – but, right in my boots, faithful to my values of solidarity and authenticity, I feel like proposing something to you: what if we took the counterpart of Covid-19?

To begin with, let’s stop the negative for a moment. At Invino, we are sommelier hosts like no other: black and gold coat of arms, glittery shoes, I have always been committed to offering you pleasure and authenticity. So in the few lines that follow, Coronavirus will remain the tank driver that Asterix and Obelix face in a comic book, fearsome, named like the virus from Wuhan, but finally defeated. I am not in denial, no, I am in the “after”! Always in anticipation and creation of opportunities.

Limiter turnover en entreprise animation œnologique Invino Event
Element graphique carré or Invino Event

Let’s also take advantage of this suspended moment to take time. Time for reflection. To ask the right questions. To fully experience our emotions. Let’s slow down.

What if we took the opposite side of the situation?

Let’s take the opportunity to take stock of our professional challenges: have we responded as well as we could lately? Let’s take advantage of the lack of effervescence – exceptional as we approach this second quarter in the event industry. Let’s reflect, improve, innovate. That’s what we do at Invino Event: different sommelier animators, we work to motivate teams in your fun and federative teambuildings. We have been contributing to our clients’ team and customer loyalty through events that meet the highest standards for 15 years.

My shoes may be resting today, but my brain is boiling to come up with animations that will get the troops moving again. Because I am convinced of it. Once this period is over, it will be necessary to (re)create links.

I see the confinement as an opportunity to rethink the patterns that everyone is used to. And in this situation, my shoes can’t wait to continue to carry dynamism and optimism to the outside.

So how about we do it together?

At Invino, we believe that change is growth. So what can we say about this major and unprecedented crisis? That in a few months we will be giants! As far back as I can remember (with my glittery shoes), wine has always been a vehicle for cohesion and conviviality. Even in the absence of events, Invino will not deviate from this positive and serene state of mind. Updating our strategy, our accounts, exchanges with our clients and partners who are co-creators of solutions… There is no shortage of activities! In fact, we already have clients lined up for September, October and November.

How about taking some time together during a 30-minute telephone conversation to review the immediate impacts of the postponement of events on your customers, partners and employees? On the problems generated by the current measures?

And thus begin to imagine how to make the RECOVERY a federative EVENT for your customers and partners as well as for your employees?

And while waiting to talk to us, to (re)see us, let’s take care of ourselves and reinvent ourselves a little, it feels good!

Khadija Ben Ammar