Associate Director of ACENSI SANA, the “Insurance & Social Protection” subsidiary of a major ESN, Christophe Rasera agreed to talk about his experience: to bring together several of the company’s clients and prospects, we organized a Virtual Tasting Workshop one evening in February. A great way to strengthen ties – or to discover each other – at a time when face-to-face events are no longer allowed!

“Covid or not, you have to know how to keep the link with your clients, and not only as an ESN on a consulting mission for a company. Conviviality and the human touch must not be forgotten in this crisis. So I had this desire to maintain something of the order of the customer event despite the rules of distancing, without really knowing what formula to turn to. Invino Event’s Virtual Tasting Workshop finally came at the right time.

We invited about twenty clients and prospects to this first session. Within five days, everyone had responded to the invitation (I guess people are really looking for this kind of event) and received a nice box of wines at home! Among the participants, I count half of them with whom ACENSI SANA already has an excellent relationship; they are loyal customers, some of them historical. The other half, funnily enough, were prospects who are usually difficult to approach.

The facilitator gradually created an atmosphere conducive to discussion, and we didn’t see the time pass. This workshop allows us to spend a nice moment, in all relaxation, each one at home behind his screen but far from being alone. Having one’s family around was not even a concern for this videoconference, on the contrary: it perfectly matched the conviviality of the moment. I discovered that some of my clients were good wine lovers while others, curious, did not hesitate to ask questions about the wines they tasted! The wines presented were in keeping with the moment, as one of them pointed out to me.

In addition to strengthening customer relations, this Virtual Workshop allowed us to display an image of an innovative, imaginative company, capable of adapting to the context. The same evening or the next morning, my sales representatives and I received messages of thanks from nearly ¾ of the participants. In fact, I posted about it on LinkedIn the day after the event and, after the post about ACENSI SANA’s anniversary party, it generated the most positive reactions. Proof that wine is a vector of cohesion, even virtually!”

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