Looking for a little innovation? Virtual team building activities are group games, challenges and exercises conducted via platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. The purpose of these online activities is to build relationships, improve communication, and even boost your employees’ morale… Want to know the 4 best virtual team building ideas? Let’s go !


The principle of online team building is to create friendly connections between your team members… from a distance!

Maintaining these links promotes harmony, communication and productivity within your company.

At INVINO Event, team building is a subject that is close to our hearts, and we believe that it is important to take the time to create bonds while having fun…

In a world like today, telecommuting can make your employees more productive, of course! However, it can also slow down collaboration due to isolation.

That’s why a virtual team building idea is so important, especially in a telecommuting setting…

Teams are more effective and collaborative when they participate in these types of original activities.

Even strong teams can benefit from this type of activity, as it is also a great way to improve :

  • – communication
  • – morale
  • – motivation
  • – and productivity

It helps your employees or new teams to get to know each other and their strengths and weaknesses.

Team building games and activities can be used by any company, large or small, to promote better teamwork in the workplace (or online).

As you know, great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with the success of your business.


It’s not an academic theory or something we just invented… It’s just how real remote teams bond and stay connected!

Building bonds between teammates is extremely important when you are in remote or hybrid mode, as a growing body of research confirms.

Whether an activity is just for fun or to get your work done, taking the time to help your team get to know each other better (even virtually) is an investment that pays off in your team’s cohesion and performance.

From virtual dancing to online wine initiation… We’ve put together a list of virtual team building ideas that can help your teams get to know each other better as people and colleagues.


The best way to connect your remote teams is to help them feel seen and heard, literally, and in a way that directly challenges them.

As we now know, working remotely can lead to disengagement which, in turn, can lead to poor work performance.

This is no small matter.

Indeed, understanding your employees on a personal level means you can communicate more effectively and distribute roles and responsibilities more easily within your team.

So how can your teams overcome these obstacles?

By participating in team building activities of course!


Want to find THE best online team building idea to create social bonds and improve the way you work in a more tangible way? Here we go!


It’s easy to get so wrapped up in getting your work done that you forget to broaden your horizons, especially when you work from home – without any pleasantries from colleagues around you…

Then expand your skills with the Learning Circle!

Telecommuting can be isolating if you don’t make an effort to connect with your teammates on a personal level.

The Learning Circle game can solve these problems.

Choose a work-related topic you want to learn more about (leadership styles, recruiting practices…) and find colleagues who share that interest.

Each month, meet via video conference to discuss a book or article, or have a group member give a short presentation…


Two Truths and a Lie is one of the most common virtual team building games.

The activity is user-friendly and ideal for video conferencing – and all you need is a reliable WiFi connection and a little guile.

For the telework version, give each participant two minutes to prepare two truths and a lie.

For example:

  • – I can read and write in Chinese.
  • – I consumed 28 chocolate bars during lockdown.
  • – I once hacked into my high school computer…

Ask each participant to share three facts and guess which one is the lie.

You don’t really need to keep track of points for this game, as the fun is learning from each other.

This is a fun virtual team building idea to play and perfect for learning more about your colleagues.


One of the best ways to quickly build morale in your team is to hold spontaneous dance parties during video calls.

We have some recommendations for these virtual activities

Start your call with a dance so people can join in as they join in.

Use dance breaks as a way to boost energy throughout the meeting.

Dance breaks are also great closing activities for virtual meetings!

Here are some songs for your playlist:

  • – Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
  • Yeah ! – Usher
  • Twist and Shout – The Beatles
  • Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins…


No matter what separates your teams today… Hosting a virtual corporate event is a great way to bring all your employees, collaborators or clients together.

Who says you can’t have a memorable experience with your teams or clients from a distance?

Thanks to an original and fun online wine event, your colleagues can get to know each other in a different way…

Organize your own online team building with INVINO Event and let us guide you to make your choice between our different virtual animations:

  • – Virtual Tasting Workshop
  • – Food & Wine Pairing Online
  • – InVin Escape Online

There is no shortage of virtual team building ideas, so take your time to organize a memorable moment for your team.


As you can see, virtual team building activities are a great way to make virtual meetings fun, boost morale and create a community.

Do you want your guests to experience a unique moment around wine and gastronomy in virtual?

One thing is sure. All participants will be pleasantly surprised! And this will allow you to :

  • – break the ice in your team
  • – facilitate exchanges
  • – surprise your guests
  • – develop knowledge about wine
  • – have anecdotes to share
  • – create a good mood and conviviality (even on video!)
  • – keep the link with your customers
  • – stand out from the crowd by offering an innovative animation

This is what INVINO Event’s virtual animations offer you!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd by offering your teams a UNIQUE virtual team building idea? Contact our team, without further delay, to live a pleasant sensory and…virtual experience.

You will make sense…ation!

You will make sense…ation!