Back to school is over, the masks have not fallen. In the literal sense of the expression, and with good reason: they are there to protect us. On the other hand, figuratively speaking, I think that the mask is falling. Indeed, we have never had such open-hearted exchanges with Invino Event clients. The Covid has changed the entire event industry, it has created anxieties, it makes us live the emotional elevator every week, if not every day… but it also strengthens the relationships. We stick together. Our clients have needs, to keep life going in their companies and to stay connected with their own customers and employees. And in the face of these problems, corporate events, whether face-to-face or virtual, still have a bright future ahead of them…

Last week, we adapted our Wine Casino to ensure that the oenological animation met all the sanitary measures imposed on face-to-face events. Our client needed to maintain its evening. The human stakes had become too high. There are essential things in the life of a company that cannot wait or be postponed for several months. Executive committees and managers are in the starting-blocks since the beginning of the school year, with the need to ensure cohesion within the teams before they are too demobilized… There are also companies that are recruiting; for them, the proper integration of their new employees is not a luxury but a necessity. A necessity that will be met by team-building activities. And in cases where face-to-face meetings are no longer possible, we switch to virtual mode!

Last week, we participated in the SO Evénements trade show. What emerged was a desire to prepare for the future. Event agencies and companies are now very demanding for virtual alternatives to maintain team cohesion. Everyone understands that there is a real need to communicate and bring people together, to federate and maintain performance. More than ever, employees need to be happy and “on the ball”! More than ever, customers need to be pampered: everyone was important before. But today, no one can afford to lose even one. So we have to take care of them: what better way to maintain the bond than with a wine experience?

Last week, I welcomed our new apprentice to Invino Event. Julie is preparing for a 3-year degree in Communications and is here to help me organize our future wine events in Bordeaux and in the South-West. I myself arrived at Invino Event on a professionalization contract, and I am very happy to be able to give Julie a chance and to accompany her in the event management business, as changing as it is at the moment. It was an important decision, a gamble perhaps more risky than in “normal times”… but a gamble to continue to see further.

In this back-to-school period, the masks have finally come off and many of us, actors of the event industry, are sharing. Among ourselves, with our clients and the public authorities. To tell you that the corporate event industry is not about to give in to the Covid and all its problems!

Khadija Ben Ammar, Director of Invino Event

Apprentie chargée de communication à Invino Event
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