More than ever, in these unprecedented times that require us to adapt, we measure the importance of the link. The one that unites families and friends, the one we build between colleagues, the one a company builds with its customers. The Covid-19 – since we have to talk about it in the feminine, it seems – is confirming many changes in our social habits.

Will companies rely more on flexible work and nomadic behavior? It is very likely. With the health situation continuing in the background, social distancing measures are indeed still de rigueur, with their direct consequences on our social interactions… But how do we keep this human connection that is so precious to all of us – not only at Invino Event?

Personally, while waiting to meet you at your next wine events, we have welcomed the virtual with open arms. We believe it is important to adapt. Well used, digital tools allow us to stay close to our loved ones, but also to our customers and partners. Let’s take it as a new opportunity to communicate.

We are sociable. We need to interact. There is always a time when we crave that group effect that boosts us. We felt it through the regular phone calls with this client who was confined to the country with her children. To keep the link with this other client who was pacing in his Bordeaux apartment. To talk about the future, the continuation, the recovery with our team of animators… to whom the notion of “conviviality” speaks so well!

Cohésion et convivialité Invino Event
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Perdurer le lien social Invino Event

It is to preserve this human link that we have organized workshops around wine and taste in video and in small groups. With the means we had at our disposal at the time, we, humans, were able to re(create) sharing and live emotions through new tools, new experiences. Invino Event’s know-how is to create interactive, playful and happy moments. For years, companies have been coming to us to organize teambuilding events or cocktail parties to strengthen their customer relations and team cohesion. Workshops that combine wine discovery and conviviality. These fundamentals will remain; it is the form that will evolve. As Catherine Testa, an optimist who inspires us so much, says so well: “we are all going to mature”!

We grow, we learn, we take steps forward. We validate or rethink our beliefs, both professional and personal. For years, telecommuting was said to be impossible in many sectors… In a few days, it was completely possible, and even totally generalized. So why not imagine a partly digitalized event?

For us, the human element is very important, so, while waiting to meet you at your next wine events, we have thought of new solutions to meet your current challenges.

I promise, we’ll talk about it soon!

And if you are impatient to discover these new solutions, you can contact us now via our form or by phone at 09 53 56 33 43.